There was no way I was getting through February 2nd without paying homage to “Groundhog Day.” And while there are literally dozens of “best scene” compilations available out there, the entire movie can best be summed up just in the story arc of the funniest supporting character in the entire film: Ned Ryerson. Needlenose Ned. Ned the Head.

Bill Murray’s Phil Conners’ growth can be traced precisely to how he deals with Ned. Disbelief to desperation to acceptance to triumph. And every encounter is pure gold.


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Glenn, Lou & Christian open the show by discussing all the highlights of Super Bowl Media Night. Covering anywhere from Josh Norman and Deion Sanders trying to smooth out their relationship, to Peyton Manning responding to more HGH questions.

[0:04:04] ... it was brought the guy was run towards me and it just. Aaron Rodgers was did by his dad what was it's it's a different in the old days it was the much smaller event unit. ...
[0:10:20] ... already sick don't files left that they already sent. There investigation. Investigators Peyton Manning if apple Indianapolis. Gave the guy iris it allows Manning's people walk right on their support all the records. Com fortunately equipment equipment to clear if I don't really know what they found that you showed up Peyton Manning. What what you took a three people aren't went in there and investigated and looked at all the meaning records. Why wouldn't ...
[0:11:33] ... were innocent and there was nothing to see here. Russ and the Peyton Manning like a Chicago. Listen if he's wrong he is working immediate and if his client he is a flat out dummy big giant capital DE dummy. Because why would you sit there and just emphatically deny deny deny it the way he is knowing that to come for. You wouldn't do that and that's the title is I believe I believe him he didn't do it it is viva take it was she was taken it or not gonna find it in the Peyton Manning. Flat out won't find anything on. Nothing I don't have a problem that they're not making a big deal about this week ...
[0:12:48] ... matter of the people just have four more respect and love for Peyton Manning vs don't break or is it that HGH. Is nobody gives a rat's ass about the National Football League most. If this were baseball player we would sit here 24/7. Talking about people would be just how do you prove a negative. Not its true because we heard talk about last night you will. Will this be a discussion you know Willis will that fall low Peyton Manning. And it won't be out if they have video. Of Peyton Manning meg taking HGH. Giving it to himself. It would be an issue. Libby is still it wouldn't be an issue he would ...

Boston HeraldWCVB won the Maria Stephanos sweepstakes yesterday, landing the longtime Fox 25 anchorgal that Channel 5 GM Bill Fine reportedly views as the next Natalie Jacobson. …

Stephanos will make her WCVB debut Thursday and will co-anchor the 7 and 11 p.m. broadcasts with Ed Harding, Harvey Leonard and Mike Lynch. She will also co-anchor the 10 p.m. newscast that WCVB is launching on sister station MeTV Boston beginning Feb. 29. 

In the rapidly imploding institution that is local TV news, it’s hard to imagine a development any bigger than this. Maria Stephanos returning to the anchor desk is nothing less than Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA. It’s Mike Tyson climbing back into the ring, minus the jail sentence part.

Maria is the last of her kind: The superstar local news anchor. The one who puts butts in the seats and eyeballs on the screen. Maybe there’s some real talent in the rest of the Boston market, I really can’t say. I get my news online since I really don’t care to end my day watching house fires or fearmongered about the hidden dangers of whatever fun thing kids are into and so on. But Stephanos is back. And that is the game changer.

As Howard Stern once accurately observed, when something big is on every newscast, you will automatically gravitate to the hottest anchor chick. And in Boston, that can only mean Maria. She’s got everything you want in a reliable, authoritative and trustworthy news source. She’s got the eyes, the sweaters, the hair, the boots, the 1,000 megawatt smile, the witty banter and, just as an added bonus, the journalistic integrity. And having her back in the mix is almost enough to make you wish for something bad to happen, just so you’ll have a reason to tune in.

So welcome back, Maria. Our city turns its lonely eyes to you. February 29th can’t come fast enough.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys talk about where the Bruins are and how they're handling all their injuries. They also address if the Celtics should pull off a big deal or stand pat.
Glenn, Lou & Christian discuss the recent ESPN article that examines who the best Super Bowl QB is. The three candidates are Tom Brady, Joe Montana & Terry Bradshaw. The guys boil it down to 2.






One of the under-reported subplots of Super Bowl week is that a lot of people in San Francisco are none too pleased with having their lives disrupted. You’d think a city that’s won five Super Bowls and came within a field goal of another would welcome the game, but who are we to say? Maybe seeing your city overrun by lowlife sports media types, having your airport grind to a halt so all the swells can come in on their corporate jets and Warren Sapp assaulting all your prostitutes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Anyway, some of the residents are voicing their disapproval in one of the most hilarious ways possible: By messing with the Super Bowl 50 signs. I’m not about to advocate for vandalism. But since the NFL is an evil, multi-billion dollar, soulless corporate entity and we’re talking about maybe $200 worth of plywood and deck screws, I consider it an artful form of passive resistance. Or a city wide fraternity prank. Either way it’s less “Project Mayhem” than it is what they called in “Super Troopers,” shenanigans that are cheeky and fun.

For the record, Ed Lee is the mayor of San Francisco. I’ll just assume you get the bowel reference. Now my only regret is that I won’t get to pull these kinds of hijinks at the Boston Olympics.


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On Monday’s Dale & Holley with Thornton, we broke the news that D’Qwell Jackson — the Colts linebacker who intercepted a Tom Brady pass, supposedly went to the sideline with the ball, said something to the effect of, “Gee, this feels kind of squishy,” and started the entire Deflategate tragicomedy — is being sued by the 41-year-old pizza delivery guy he allegedly beat up last year over a parking space.

Now Jackson’s victim, Jose Bonilla-Fuentes, is speaking out. He went on Indianapolis radio’s Kent Stirling Show and told this tale of horror:

“What happened is that a crazy guy tried to choke me,” … The pizza delivery driver also added that Jackson said he was “going to kill me.”

According to Bonilla-Fuentes, Jackson became remorseful after the cops got involved.

“He come to me and say, ‘€˜Please, please I’€™ll give you whatever money you need, but don’€™t do nothing, don’€™t let the police take me,’ ”€ Bonilla-Fuentes said.

Now, I’d like to be fair to Jackson. He has denied he said anything about the air pressure of that ball he intercepted. And to buy the version of the events where Deflategate started with him is to ignore the sting operation that began with the Ravens contacting the Colts about the Patriots footballs and letting all the conspirators off the hook.

But nevertheless, this latest episode, with Jackson going all Walter Sobchak on poor Mr. Bonilla-Fuentes, proves once again a lesson people should have learned a long time ago: You do not screw with Bill Belichick. If you do, bad things will happen to you.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Twenty years after they hosed Belichick, the city of Cleveland still can’t win a championship. ESPN has lost 7 million subscribers. David Tyree never caught another pass after the Super Bowl That Shall Not Be Named. Plaxico Burress went to prison. The Colts missed the playoffs and doomed their own future by hiring back their GM and coach. Eric Mangini, the snitch behind Spygate, just got fired again and will never get another head coaching gig. Belichick’s karma will run down the people who have wronged him and then back over their corpses. D’Qwell Jackson is just the latest to learn the lesson all too late. And now he’ll be the latest to walk the Earth, a hollow shell of the man he once was.


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Dino addresses a couple of problems he has with Gerry and Kirk. They also get into their favorite live shows and Springsteen.
Rodney Harrison gives his thoughts on how meaningless Super Bowl Media Night is and looks ahead to what the Patriots may need next season.
Denver Broncos corner back, Aqib Talib, stole the show last night at Super Bowl Media Night. The former Patriot tried his trade in rapping, reading liners and much more.

[0:06:42] ... little surprised I shouldn't say. But if you guys noticed that the Denver Broncos saying all the nice things about Carolina bands are treating them with tremendous respect him more time talking bad things about the New England Patriots. And his socialist that mitigated to some of that. Let's us have broken it down they've come out with the definitive who's the best quarterback in Super Bowl history. Is it Montana is it Brady is that there aren't sure these included Rodney Harrison coming up. And 1116 and number one emotional. Passing up his mind cannot bring. The and then when he got. Yeah. My ...