Adam Schefter of ESPN calls in to talk to Glenn, Lou and Christian about Tom Brady and that Patriots agreeing on a contract extension. He talks about the Pats cap space and the future of Jimmy Garopollo.

[0:00:02] ... of chapter from ESPN that that's brilliant extended his contract with the New England Patriots or grit to do so. For ten years out of my you don't. What I don't or man right. Why did they do this what's the reasoning behind it and have you got any specifics yet on how it's structured. Well I got no details on the structure yet other than to say this that why you do this is really simple. Number one Tom Brady still performing at incredibly high level he shown almost no sign if any time. Of dropping off at all he skated to me not knowing and based. There's a complete in ten million a year after. He want to play into his forties so this deal. Accomplishes that gives him more money. Deserves whatever they're paying them deserved every penny of it guarantees a more debt to more Lima to the top quarterbacks in the league. And that's to win for Tom Brady. The patriots get the second least amount of cap space in the league right now of any team in the league. You ...
[0:01:23] ... free agent who knows. But again the patriot cadet in cap flexibility Tom Brady get jedi cash and security and I think all sides walk away. As victims except Jimmy grapple now the contract through 2007. ...
[0:03:58] ... direct Tagamet the unit you know it would be entirely assuming that Tom Brady is performing. I would bet he's worth more to them and they won't trade him. Another team. If you're hypothetically Houston Texans. We give people like you up your first. Round equitably between second overall selection. And it was a perjury grapple we're we're ...
[0:04:39] ... complicate even more. Yeah but I did I that's very difficult for Bill Belichick to look at the board. 59 players that's more than an NFL roster 59 players are going to go off the board. ...

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars last night, and made a lot of jokes about the show being too white. The guys have some fun with the sound from last night and talk about the Oscars.

[0:01:39] ... excited I thought it would be an asset high expectations I thought. Chris Rock would just nail it you know forty lines I mean Nate you know like bit like you thought you don't like Bell's ...
[0:05:40] ... line. That didn't play awful of the racial protest. Of of the Academy Awards I mean come you're right. And Chris Rock. Steele was the best possible host. You know I don't deal. Patrick Harris were worked this year where even the future dates ...
[0:06:40] ... don't know how to react they aren't comfortable over it now if Chris Rock had gone to any movie white community. And that's those same questions about the big short. And the reverend and we went ...
[0:08:45] ... replete I thought I thought I thought he did records of that Chris Rock did your job and I agree I think he's had a good generally greeted by Chrysler says that thing Google also to receive locked up the fact that Chris Rock minority hired. And then hold diversity campaign started he couldn't work any better. The result all White Sox to its lowest messages every Lewis again like to be very good this presentation. Just one of the O'Reilly occupy one of the only white. Present owners. You don't get out of that Hollywood had to do that they had to get as many. Black prisoners as they possibly as this at home Washington. We didn't nominate people. Like Russell Crowe that route Ryan Gosling got he's hysterical bit dumbest bit before that the two wanted to hit it one of these other awards ceremony at the end it was Adam. What's his name stud Billy Beane in money ball. That Brad Pitt goes to war. You know at the last awards it's it's it's just oracle. Beckett for it was a hundred that was ...

Just as we get on air, news breaks about Tom Brady and the Patriots agreeing on a new contract extension. Glenn, Lou and Christian break down what this means for the Pats now that Brady is signed through 2019.


In honor of Leap Day, I think we should all appreciate those rarities that you only get to experience once in a great while. And I’d say watching Brad Stevens bounce on a trampoline to one-hand dunk a basketball on Lucky the Leprechaun’s Instagram qualifies. That is, unless Rick Pitino, Bill Fitch, Tommy Heinsohn or Red Auerbach ever ended up on the Celtics’ social media dunking and I missed it somehow.

So watch and enjoy. Celtics coach dunks pass this way but once.

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Jerry Thornton

ESPN is reporting, Tom Brady and the Patriots have agreed to a contract extension. It’s likely an agreement that will not only lower his cap number, it will add two more years to the two currently left on his deal, which locks him up through the age of 42. And will make him only the fourth player in NFL history to spend 20 seasons with the same team.

While the question has been asked a million times whether Brady is the best football player of all time, it might be time to ask if he’s been the best football player ever off the field as well.

Think about it. Here is a guy who came into the league as a scrub, playing for minimum wage with negative infinity job security. He turned himself into hands down the best winner in the history of the game. His career is on the verge of going for two decades. And yet have we ever once heard even a rumor of trouble involving his contracts?

This is a prime example. Nobody has been talking about Brady’s deal. No one had a problem with his cap number. There’s been no rumbling from either side about having to get the situation straightened out. No backdoor reports from anonymous sources saying Brady wanted more. Just the news a deal has been struck completely out of the blue, just as it’s always been for his entire career.

And yet again, he won’t be the highest paid quarterback in the league, the way he deserves. Once again, he’s taking less than the market price. And here again is a situation where more money is freed up to sign the likes of Dont’a Hightower, Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins and keep the Dynasty Express rolling into Brady’s 42nd birthday and beyond.

If anyone can name me an athlete of Brady’s stature who’s consistently played for under his actual value for as long a period of time without ever once negotiation in the press, I’d like to know who it is. But let me save you the trouble of looking. It’s never happened and it never will again. The G.O.A.T. on the field, the G.O.A.T. at the negotiating table.

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Jerry Thornton



Let me be clear. I like Leonardo DiCaprio. He is great in movies like “Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Departed,” and “Gangs of New York” is one of the most underrated films of the last 20 years. Also, I like clean air. Breathing it is one of the most underrated things mammals get to do.

What I don’t much care for is being lectured about man-made global climate change by any multi-bazillionaire who basically would be considered an ec0-terrorist if he was, say, a bank president or running a corporation. I can live without being nagged about my carbon footprint by a guy who heats and air conditions his five mansions. I’m all set with getting shade thrown at me by a guy who (according to the leaked Sony emails) took six private jet flights in six weeks. I’ve bagged my limit of speeches about my environmental impact from a guy who gets to have orgies on a 480-foot mega yacht owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, who bought it by selling fossil fuels.  In short, I’m done with getting fingers pointed at me by any elitist 1 percenter who kills more polar bears running their swimming pools than the other 99 percent do living productive lives.

When you rip these high-profile “green” hypocrites on social media, you always get the backlash from people accusing you of being a “denier” or “anti-science” or whatever. I’m not. I’m simply saying that if you’re going to tell the world we need to change, the perfect person to start with is yourself. And that’s a point we should all agree with.

Other notes from The Oscars:

— Chris Rock was good, he just wasn’t Chris Rock-level good. The stuff about how Hollywood is “sorority racist” was great in that it made everyone uncomfortable. But in an entertainment world that is a target-rich environment of stuff to ridicule, he never really moved on from the race jokes. As opposed to Seth MacFarlane last year, who skewered the industry all night long. Rock was Pedro Martinez in 2004. Very good by anyone else’s standards, but not up to his own.

— For the 88th Academy Awards in a row, the big loser was comedy. Adam McKay won for Best Adapted Screenplay. Which is great. Good for him. He deserved it. But prior to “The Big Short,” he wrote some of the funniest movies of the 2000s, including “Anchorman,” “Talladega Nights” and “Step Brothers,” none of which would ever get him an ounce of respect come awards time. The only way McKay would ever get recognized is by switching to drama. And once again this year, every “Worst Movies of 2016″ list will be loaded with comedies, because everyone thinks it’s easy to write funny.

— I think “Spotlight” deserved Best Picture. And on the one hand, I’d like to celebrate the fact that it all takes place in Boston and say yet again, here’s the City of Champions claiming another victory. But on the other hand, it is about the Archdiocese doing monstrous things, so it’s not exactly a love letter to the town. I guess I’ll just settle for saying that Boston is still the center of the pop culture universe. Portraying a Masshole has become to the Oscars what playing an alcoholic, a prostitute or someone with disabilities used to be. Sure, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but no city has been more relevant over the last couple of decades. And that’s worth something.

–Finally, congratulations to “Spotlight” for paying tribute to the great work real reporters can do and proving that journalism is still a viable American institution. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to writing about athlete sex hijinks and find out what Hollywood after-party Mr. Kraft was at.


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Jerry Thornton
We tried to make the best picture better with the help from some callers.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:35] ... What's that like to. Wash double the one way to get at Carolina league and has legs you know miss South Carolina but then I. It is nothing in December and even Washington or is he old testament washed up its game. This could be some parameters aged three. That was the message. The opposite image. Of circuit element if you don't know never ever ever once in awhile but we Roethlisberger and Ben Roethlisberger butchered it a collective. August up to be. At odds but you played the goods belliard. That that's where the cycle goes ...
[0:01:52] ... by Bob's discount furniture stores I have to admit I was aware David duke was a couple of days or not that's that's. That's that's weak hard to believe you know why you know that the ...
[0:02:27] ... That's good diplomatic. This you can't name another clans. And everybody knows David duke but nobody knows and Gerri at heart but they've got those white. I get an obstacle to do that he has a radio show trump. Knows passed in the game bizarre bodily duke does about two days earlier and then couldn't this upon incidents in yours drop. I wanna ask you about the anti defamation league which this week called on you to publicly condemn unequivocally that racism a former. Kkk grand wizard David duke who recently said that voting against you at this point would be treason. To your heritage. Will you unequivocally condemn David duke and say that you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election. We'll just see you understand. I don't know anything about David duke OK I don't know anything about what you're even talking about with the white supremacy or white supremacist so. I don't know I mean I don't know did did he endorse me or what's going on because. You know I know nothing about David duke I know nothing about white supremacists. And so you're asking me questions that I'm supposed to be talking about people that I ...
[0:03:55] ... voting block out there to even leave us so we go to David duke is obviously the trop was on The Today Show this morning with twenty minutes ago. Thought to Savannah Guthrie. She asked him about this as well here's shrubs spin on what happened yesterday. Because as I'm just talking about David duke in the Ku Klux Klan here and you said honestly I don't know David really. I object so let me tell you ...

The guys gave their thoughts on the Oscars.