Biggest trade deadline day in recent memory for the Boston Red Sox... and not in a good way. We discuss it all as the news happens and take your reactions.
Biggest trade deadline day in recent memory for the Boston Red Sox... and not in a good way. We discuss it all as the news happens and take your reactions.
We tackle four topics, all surrounding the four worst Sox trade deadline deals in recent memory.
We tackle four topics, all surrounding the four worst Sox trade deadline deals in recent memory.

[0:01:30] ... pretty despondent earlier today you know the whole Jon Lester deal this Stephen Drew deal might be pushed it flew right over them the edge. I'm a little concerned about -- publisher called him a cab. ...
[0:03:50] ... Sox acquired Darren -- from the Seattle Mariners. For the ageless one. Jamie Moyer. History books. 49 years and I'm hydrated fifteen days. He becomes the oldest hit Syria being. Baseball history. To win a ball game. How could we have predicted Jamie Moyer went -- for 74 more years I I think he's still. And for somebody right Motley of some sort of released a ...
[0:04:50] ... was seven and one. I was good plan wasn't it let's trade. Jamie Moyer get Darren for a yeah I ask -- -- Three he. Trade deadline day 2003. The Red Sox and Freddy Sanchez to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Brandon Lyon and what they thought would be the final piece in their rotation because. Jeffs who book. I hold that thought to have ...
[0:06:44] ... Sox acquired Eric Gagne. And no they traded away the better pitcher David Murphy with some. But we have no idea. -- You know it. David Murphy's for -- records -- -- strike out. -- carved out health -- to see it didn't matter what they gave up to ...

Ravens running back Ray Rice fielded questions for the first time since his suspension for allegedly assaulting his then-financee at an Atlantic City casino in February.

Standing in front of his wife, a number of his teammates, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, and a large slew of reporters, Rice apologized for his actions, which resulted in a two-game suspension for the Pro Bowler.

“I made the biggest mistake of my life,” Rice said, adding: “That night I replay over and over in my head. That’s not me. My actions were inexcusable. That’s something I have to live with the rest of my life. The pain I’m talking about living with is waking up every day, and my daughter is 2 years old now, and I have a little girl who’s very smart, very intelligent, and one day she’s going to know the power of Google, and me having to explain that to her, what happened that night.”

Rice made it a point to apologize directly to his wife, something that he did not do during his poorly received press conference in May.

“There are many nights that me and my wife sleep together and we still have to deal with this,” Rice said. “And her pain is my pain, my pain is her pain, the one thing I wanted to do today is you know apologize to my wife, who I’ve known since high school. I’ve known her since a kid. I met her in high school and she’s the same girl now, great mother, and she’s a great wife, and she supports me throughout.

“When the time is right, when the time is right — and I say that because you have to fix yourself before you can go out and help others — and when the time is right me and my wife want to go out there and help people, anybody, violence of any kind, especially man on woman, is just not right. It’s not right, it shouldn’t be tolerated, it’s not right for society, no matter what. That’s something I’ll stand by and I have to pay for that.”

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Conor Ryan
Lou goes through the 5 stages of grief, then John Lackey gets traded to the Cardinals.

Earlier this month, 24-year-old pitcher Brandon Poulson was pitching for the Healdsburg Prune Packers in a collegiate summer league, managed by Joey Gomes — brother of former Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes.

Just a few weeks later, the Twins are about to hand him $250,000.

Despite the fact that the hurler was never drafted, a pitching repertoire that includes a fastball that can hit 100 mph was reason enough for Minnesota to offer Poulson about 10 times more than the average undrafted player would earn as a bonus.

“It’s a great story,” said Twins West Coast scouting supervisor Sean Johnson on Tuesday. “This kid came out of nowhere.”

Poulson last pitched for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he posted an 8.38 ERA after taking a few years off from baseball while working as a truck driver for his father’€™s excavating company.

“I played for the Prune Packers summer of  ’13 but missed nearly three-fourths of the games because I was busy working,” said Poulson, who didn’t make his high school baseball team as a freshman.

Poulson, who struck out an incredible 31 batters in just 12 1/3 innings this summer, has displayed an incredible set of physical tools. The 6-foot-6, 240-pounder ran a 60-yard dash in 6.6 seconds while recording a 40-inch vertical leap.

“He’s a physical specimen. He’s got the best pure arm strength I’ve ever seen,” said Twins scout Elliott Strankman, adding: “We’re cautiously optimistic because we don’t want to put a bunch of pressure on the kid. He could be pretty good. This is uncharted territory for us.”

Poulson is headed to the Twins’€™ rookie team in the Appalachian League in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

“I’m excited,” Poulson said, adding that his first purchase will be a therapy device for his diabetic father. “I know it’s just the first step of what the real goal is to make it in the bigs.”

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Conor Ryan
Lou, Christian, and Tim react to the news that Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes have been traded to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes. Lou hates the deal the move, especially because Cespedes is not arbitration eligible.
Former Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes joins MFB to react to the news he has been traded along with Jon Lester to the Oakland Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes
The top stories of the day as recounted by John Dennis.

[0:02:41] ... something did happen at the -- UC campuses kids playground is not high school campuses you know source. I went out to me that he may be the agency debt. It seemed that the great. Area. ...
[0:03:57] ... up another question oh man all right you know -- said Euro wedding invitations -- the 11 I didn't get. All year yeah -- -- on that just don't just -- -- about an. You know ...
[0:04:36] ... that Jerry -- Shawn Johnson. Just sit out the best way to wedding invitations ever. You set them out on iPad force. Each program -- with all of the 411. For keys big day. The only ...
[0:14:31] ... he's -- is also little pussy boy. Up to have you seen Orlando Bloom. Osama. Win this latest story -- cigarette hanging -- -- on its tortured she's -- tortured and one of them. Yes his ...