Red Wine Baths and a Blind Jake Peavy

[0:02:09] ... or three -- you get something good you've got to -- or Carl Edwards here this is really for our gift for Kate. You know the American danger of warrior being ill. That was the first ...
[0:03:36] ... Both you guys since your former athletes if you've ever done what Amare Stoudemire. Is now doing or you know players current or past that have tried this. He's rehabbing with wind that it's. The wind ...
[0:06:24] ... -- -- -- now want to help right what do you horse. Jake Peavy. Cut. Apparently I was -- -- -- before. The end of the game. Hours earlier before he -- college degrees and hit ...
[0:07:48] ... I love the man and I think he's go back to the World Series two years in a row. I think it's great I think it's hysterical but -- -- she abruptly and he has been ...

ESPN Insider, Adam Schefter, discusses Rex Ryan's job security, Marvin Lewis concussion comments, as well as the Patriots-Jets
The world's biggest Canadiens fan Tony Marinaro joins MFB after the Bruins and Tuukka Rask suffered another loss in Montreal.
After Jerod Mayo's injury, Patriots Pro Bowl safety Devin McCourty is the next man up on Patriots Friday. He breaks down the Patriots win over the Jets.

[0:00:22] ... that. Our conversation with the next seven -- -- As crusty by Samuel Adams Boston laser and dropped him I heard the music in the background and I got confused and thought maybe -- would still ...
[0:01:27] ... -- the way things went against the jets last year -- -- blocked field goal. You -- personally I think even -- hoopla it. And they're not yet I think more today you unrealized. You know Chris ...
[0:02:02] ... only a couple other guys have played as many as you did Judy Collins got the high power just to name a few. -- one wondered what he was running and beating successful running the football ...
[0:04:56] ... talk a lot what I'm international. Being not so let me just missed tackles on the little. Of course partial solution where he wanted to open group play and you know hole number and you noticed ...

Former NFL official and head of referee's Jim Daopoulos discusses the controversial ending to Jets-Patriots game. He described the actions of the referee as "preventative officiating"

[0:00:39] ... two point if. So we get the block on the fifty yard field goal attempts. From nick pulled the kicker for the year jets who does have a 56 yarder to his Chris good kicker so who ...
[0:05:09] ... moving a little bit wanted it can't control them all he's got exceptional leader and is water. There is something -- the debate with a little bit and here it is because of all the movie goes to solely be yet our control. Jim how do you think when you look at at the -- that the holding. Defense of pass an appearance. Do you think the refs are on the right track as far as what they're calling holding what they're calling it appeared that seems. And other social lighten up on it at the point of emphasis during the during the during the pre season. But is -- -- other light up at any point because there are some calls last night where I'm just shake my ...

Rodney Harrison on the Pats close win over the Jets.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show discussing the Pats win last night.

Here are the highlights from Friday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– A friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on trial for lying to FBI investigators about his presence in a University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth dorm when two other friends removed potential evidence from the room. Robel Phillipos claimed that he was too high on marijuana to understand what was going on in the dorm.

To help Phillipos’€™ case, former governor Michael Dukakis came to his defense as a witness. Dukakis said he is a family friend of the Phillipos.

Said Callahan: “A kid, who’€™s claiming that he was too stoned to know what was going on. … How could you testify for the character of a guy who’€™s claiming he was too stoned to know what was going on?”

“Even if I thought the kid was OK I wouldn’t testify for him,” replied Dennis. “I guess they subpoenaed [Dukakis], though, right? He had no choice.”

Dukakis said he took a young Phillipos to the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

“If you’€™re a young boy, and you have the chance to hang out with Michael Dukakis, and go to the Democratic National Convention, how do you turn that down?” asked Minihane.

“More than ever, I want this kid to get 20 years,” said Callahan. “Dukakis will visit him, right? Sit down and have long conversations with him. … [Phillipos] has to get convicted.”

– Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, was discharged from the Navy after he tested positive for cocaine in a drug test from last year, according to a report crediting a source close to the situation. Biden joined the Navy Reserves two years ago as a public affairs officer.

“It’€™s not his fault they named him Hunter,” said Dennis. “Doesn’t it go bad generally when you’€™re named Hunter?”

“I think he’€™s got a good defense here, he was too high on coke to know that he was doing coke,” Callahan said sarcastically.  “It could work.”

– An Arizona radio show argued earlier this week about the Oakland Raiders‘ brand. Ron Wolfley, one of the hosts on the Doug & Wolf Show, argued that the Raiders still are a highly valued franchise. Doug Franz, one the other hand, said he felt Oakland is not relevant to the younger generation.

The argument was so heated that it nearly led to a full-out brawl between the two hosts.

The hosts ran a clip of the shouting match and were surprised by the argument.

Asked Dennis: “Is he suggesting that the Oakland Raiders are one of the great remains, one of the great brands in the world? … Oh my God, this guy’€™s out of his mind.”

– The movie “Fury” starring Brad Pitt in a World War II tank brigade opens in theaters Friday. It will be Pitt’€™s second war movie in the last decade, as he also had a major role in “Inglorious Bastards.”

“I hope it’€™s half as good as the trailers,” said Callahan.

“The reviews are pretty good, so it’€™s encouraging,” replied Minihane. “It’€™s looks like it’€™s actually pretty good.”

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