Danny Picard and Bill Speros discuss the state of the Boston Red Sox after taking two of three from the NY Mets, and the state of the Patriots after their third preseason game.
Danny Picard hosts Red Sox Review after Boston drops a 5-4 decision to the NY Mets at Citi Field. Alejandro De Aza couldn't get a sacrifice bunt down with two aboard in the ninth and nobody out. Danny has some thoughts.
Butch and John are talking Red Sox on the Sunday Sports Roundtable. They get into the current state of the rotation and how things have improved as of late. Joe Kelly has been on fire, but is he a trade asset? The guys discuss the starting pitchers that will be free agents this year and if any are good fits in Boston. Then they move on to the decision to let Orsillo go in favor of Dave O'Brien - Tomase has an interesting perspective on this topic.
Butch and Price discuss how Belichick and the Pats manipulate the roster with cuts, injuries, practice squad etc. - it's a complicated subject! They then move on to the improving play of QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Butch and Price start salivating over the thought of regular season football being less than 2 weeks away and discuss some early intriguing matchups.
Butch is in for Dickerson on NFL Sunday and he and Chris get into the victory over Carolina and their take-aways - the receivers could be in trouble if they don't get healthy with Wayne struggling and Boyce not contributing at all, Scott Chandler is a beast that could be a huge redzone threat with Gronk on the field and more. They talk about the offense and break down the running back depth chart. Then Trags gives them a call to give his take on the roster and their play so far.
Jim Hackett and Rotobahn.com's Pete Davidson get things going this week discussing all of the latest injuries that can effect your fantasy team or draft in the midst of Week 3 of the preseason. They talk some of the impressive performances coming out of the games Thursday-Saturday. The boys chat about the various rankings and how they are constantly updating these list on Rotobahn.com and the Rotobahn 500. They go in depth on the tight end position, which is very top heavy -- 5 or 6 very good TE's and then a bunch of mediocre guys and unknowns. Jim and Pete also get into 10-team and 12-team league approaches, value picks late in your draft and how the waiver wire is your friend.
Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford discuss the details behind NESN not renewing play-by-play man Don Orsillo, and take calls from fans about the choice.
Butch Stearns and Rob Bradford discuss the New England Patriots third preseason game from Friday night, in particular Tom Brady's performance. Also, the guys discuss the most interesting contact in Butch's phone and ESPN's different handling of Curt Schilling and Chris Mortensen.

[0:01:09] ... we can't forget about what happened beginning last year yes they won Super Bowl but we cannot forget how long it took them to get going. And awful until that drive off what we saw that's ...
[0:04:59] ... Dario could image. I just wanted to point out on the Muppet Curt Schilling commented it's delicate but never ending battle between our laps from the far right. Grant that he said what he wanted to ...
[0:06:40] ... do it in Iran wanted to do and what. The way the Curt Schilling handle it after. To me that was the right way Jack absolutely. They'll. It's a good comparison ruckus you look at the ...

Butch and Rob start the show getting into last night's Patriots game. Rob downplays the importance of a guy like James Develin. Butch disagrees. Also, the callers want to talk about Don Orsillo, Curt Schilling, and the Red Sox outfield.
Craig and Larry continue the conversation, and take a lot of phone calls regarding the firing of Don Orsillo by NESN, and the controversy surrounding Curt Schilling's tweets.