Christian discusses a successful weekend for the Red Sox, are they turning the corner?
Greg and John discuss Robert Kraft's presser the other day and the latest on Deflategate. They also get into the Sox and Shane Victorino heading to the DL.
Price tells Greg about what is in store for football fans and Patriots fans beyond Deflategate. We will, after all, move on at some point.

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Greg and Chris discuss where we are with Tom Brady's fight against the NFL in the Deflategate suspension.
Trags calls the boys to discuss the latest on Deflategate, Kraft's decision to not continue the fight and where we go from here. He gets into the latest on Brady as well. Also, we get a battle between Trags and Greg on Led Zep vs the Beatles.
Robert Kraft decided not to continue the fight against Roger Goodell and the NFL in the Deflategate saga. Greg and Chris talk about why Kraft made that decision, the fan reaction and if it will stick with him long term. Some fans are disappointed, but we get a few callers who are strongly supporting Mr. Kraft.
Mike Giardi of CSNNE joins the show to talk about Deflategate and the Bruins hiring Don Sweeney as their new General Manager.
Danny takes calls from listeners who want to complain about Deflategate and the poor start to the Red Sox season.
Danny talks about the Red Sox blowout loss to the Angels and the state of their lineup, and he weighs in on the latest surrounding Deflategate.
Butch and Rob talk about Deflategate (obviously), the Red Sox offensive woes, and also, Kenny Casey of the Dropkick Murphy's joins the show to talk about Premiere Boxing Championship at the Agganis Arena.