San Diego ComicCon has been producing one big, news breaking nerdgasm after another, so expect that it will be generating a lot of Afternoon Delights going forward. And over the weekend nothing popped as much as this first look at the “Wonder Woman” movie, due out in June of 2017.

If you saw “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” you know that she (along with, in my humble opinion, Ben Affleck as the Batfleck) was the saving grace of Zach Snyder’s ridiculously bloated crapfest. And this trailer makes her own movie look really, really promising. At least DC Comics production crew has found some colors other than grey, dark grey and fire.

And when you think about it, it’s weird that in the golden age of superheroes movies in which we are living, this will be the first one with a female as a main character. Now, no one has ever accused me of being the biggest feminist in the world, but I love a chick who kicks ass. And this looks like Wonder Woman totally does.

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Jerry Thornton
The guys welcome back Michael from vacation and give him crap for his outfit.
We look back at some of the classic temper tantrums of athletes and coaches.
We look back at some of the classic temper tantrums of athletes and coaches.

[0:00:57] ... right first of all we've got to start. In 1983. When the Chicago Cubs manager Lee LE. Yeah man after the cubs lost by one to the Dodgers he was mad at cubs fans because they ...
[0:03:05] ... one manager to another this time it's Hal McRae. Manager of the Kansas City Royals after the team lost to the tigers five to three. McCray got a little upset when he got the same old question ...
[0:10:51] ... from our dollars. So that's why I just looked at the 1995 Kansas City Royals. The guy Hal McRae was defending so vigorously with Keith Miller. Out of 95. I don't might still be out yet and ...
[0:14:00] ... I was as the economic brother about this yes. Today a boat David Ortiz and when he retires. Who wouldn't baseball can replace him as far as. His level of fame Blake he's. To my theories the only guy in baseball that transcends the sport. Bet that is into the pop culture event at SNL will do a carrier of him. And they're used to be lots of those guys that it. That was Derek Jeter there was a ride it was Clemens it was Ken Griffey junior because he's get in the hall at Obama got no ...

This is one of those times I’m not bother excerpting the article or fleshing out any of the details because this is the least surprising story since the Book of Genesis broke the news that the oceans are made of water.

Peyton Manning long ago left the NFL’s jurisdiction. But even if he hadn’t, there was never more than zero desire on the league’s part to find him guilty, so there can’t be a Patriots fan walking the Earth who thought there’d be any other result. Frankly, I think the NFL is lying about conducting any investigation at all, but the outcome is exactly what we knew it would be.

I’ll just say this. Based on the facts Al Jazeera caught a known PED dealer on a hidden camera bragging about dealing PEDs to Peyton Manning, we know Mrs. Peyton Manning was getting deliveries from the guy, Manning went to Europe to get treatments not legal in the United States, he sent goons to Charlie Sly’s parents’ house posing as the police to intimidate the hell out the man and he put together the best statistical season by a quarterback ever at the age of 39 after having four neck surgeries, it’s more probable than not that he took performance enhancers.

But in this universe, that standard only applies if you’re Tom Brady. And a definitive statement given on videotape with evidence to back it up carries more weight than some slappie texting the word “deflator” to his buddy in the middle of May. I was expecting this news, and long ago gave up on expecting justice.

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Jerry Thornton
Glenn and Tom Caron talk about Michael Jordan's letter where he calls for a halt to gun violence. They also talk about MJ's timing in using this platform; something he'd not done in the past.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed by her Constituency at a breakfast to kick off the DNC, and Glenn and Tom Caron discuss what that means for the Convention.
Glenn and Tom Caron talk about the Aroldis Chapman trade; looking at what the Cubs gave up, the price for Relievers might be too steep for the Sox to consider.
Glenn and Tom Caron discuss Chris Sale's uniform-driven meltdown on Saturday, and if that might lower the acquisition price for the Red Sox. Also, do you want a guy who would do that?
Glenn and Tom Caron discuss the breaking news that the NFL has cleared Peyton Manning of PED use after a seven month investigation.They also look at how this case is being covered as opposed to Deflategate.