We discuss the return of Milan Lucic to Boston as an LA King, and whether or not the Bruins got enough or made the right move to trade him away.
We look at four of the biggest sore losers in recent sports memory.
We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.
We close out the show with the best soundbites of the day.

[0:03:15] ... to make it's refreshing to hear say you know perfect. And other Super Bowl news no no one here knows is so porn star name Lisa hand. She's apparently offered an offer her services to any member of the Denver Broncos. She was asked about it on mad dog radio instead one Rocco in particular should get in line. Our earth you have offered up your services. To any champion. The Denver Broncos. Are now champions of the football world who would be the person you wanna cook dinner for the world champion Denver Broncos. I started quarter number one and the a little bit of an entertainer but not violently and Newton I see first it ...
[0:04:12] ... team in the four major sports that win championships. That yes the Denver Broncos now that they have won a championship you would like to cook dinner for quote unquote her Emanuel Sanders. Yeah I well. ...
[0:05:52] ... if apple is yet where's Bob thanks. The Rocco at all they're Super Bowl winning parade. And downtown Denver today in front of an estimated. 650000. Fans are they going to be out there that. We ...
[0:07:52] ... Carolina. For the players'. Lockers and the media for the last place. Cam Newton's comets where doubled down on paper Sunday. And cam might feel that way is that it's clear it's absolutely. Back in what ...

I don’t know how this video never crossed my cultural radar before, but a friend posted it on Facebook today and I was all in. Not that I’m any fan of puns, but the way this guy’s get increasingly worse with each attempt and the girlfriend gets more and more aggravated just speaks to me. And apparently the almost 10 million people who’ve viewed it. I’ve never set foot in an IKEA, but I’d hang with this guy.

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I must confess that Sunday, between the Super Bowl, the Celtics blowout over Sacramento, the Lingerie Legends Football League game and having friends over the house, I completely missed the high-octane excitement of the Puppy Bowl. So until now, I was not aware that they worked a Deflategate bit into the broadcast. And all I can say is, really? Et tu, Puppy Bowl? A full year after the real Deflategate that has been proven to never have been true at all? And you’ve got to lap it up like your own vomit? You choose to swallow this like cat poop you fished out of the litter box, just for a cheap gag? And to disrespect Tom Brady, who spent the whole year being hit with a rolled up newspaper for something he didn’t do, like a dog being blamed for a mess caused by a trash barrel he did not go through. Not to mention he’s the proud companion to Scooby? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Bad, Puppy Bowl! Bad!

Where’d Scooby hide my football?!?

Posted by Tom Brady on Sunday, November 22, 2015


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Jerry Thornton
After a few big wins over Cleveland and Sacramento, the Celtics sit in the 3 seed in the East, but are they as good as their place in the standings say they are?

[0:04:05] ... Lewis. Give you recently finish at a game late you know let Isiah Thomas you know wasn't working for him he's been on fire returner. Has been another guy that's negated on the other day was Avery Bradley so they're starting to win these games that are close. The start to pull these games out. I mean listen I I enjoy watching this team right now but to have that Cleveland gave me realize that watching the Cleveland Cavaliers play. Abydos the entire fourth quarter and I don't LeBron James is LeBron James. But it's like you he needs a better cast around him. It actually it doesn't really matter who the casting. Around them because SR game with Tyree Irving and Kevin Love still good number three whatever. But the fourth quarter in a tight game carrier ring would inbound the ball to LeBron that and run down the corner just stand there. LeBron James who just won one of macular that's really matter. But the cast is LeBron because the coaches he does not nothing matters ...
[0:07:56] ... Been lights out the calm but as far as bigs got like Dwight Howard and. Another point how I mean that's one of those difficulties it betrayed and then they're off and run it through that right now senator elect have a good thing gold right now. With how this offense runs. With this rotation. In you look at and say you. We sure that there's an upgrade there will let me see if there's if there's an up and a lot of crap like a player out there right now is there any player. Not including LeBron James that a big guy. DeMarcus Cousins. Godard. Kevin Durant and these players debates that we'll hear after the trade deadline. Is this ...
[0:09:40] ... know what I rather have him for forty games as opposed to Dwight Howard on not doing that if you're gonna get what America votes for Al Horford formally give up a Brooklyn nets pick your ...



This story comes from the veteran’s site Grunt Stuff and it takes place in Iraq. A small group of Army Rangers were ordered to clear a building containing four hostiles. They shot and killed three of them, only to realize the fourth one was still alive and about to pull the pin on a live grenade. That’s when things went from “heroically brave” to “superhuman”:

Being only feet away, our ranger buddy’€™s instincts and training took over. He rushed the enemy, immediately engaging in hand to hand combat. As they wrestle, this ranger can’€™t seem to get to his knife due to all of his gear being in the way.  Again, without hesitation, he reaches for the first solid object he could get his hands on; an MRE spoon!

After grabbing the spoon, he began stabbing the enemy in the neck until he was dead. …

This Ranger’€™s actions saved the lives of several other men that day. A task many men might brag about. Rather, he remains in the shadows and asks for no glorification.

To clarify, an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) spoon is an ordinary plastic spoon, no different than the one I’ll use in the office later on to eat a yogurt. And this Ranger used it to introduce a grenade-wielding terrorist to his 72 virgins in the afterlife.

I defy you to read this account and not hold your own manhood cheap. I feel all manly about myself just for fixing the sump pump in the garage or getting my lawn to look nice. This guy saved every man in his outfit with a plastic spoon. Not even something with an edge to it, like a knife or a spork. A frigging spoon. And he wants no credit. No recognition. Just a real man doing a real job as part of a band of brothers who’d do the same for him.

Yes, it’s enough to make you feel totally inadequate. But the pride of knowing America is able to produce men of this caliber more than makes up for it. That and the message to any who will try to do our soldiers harm: They better not bring a grenade to a spoon fight.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get ready for my job, which is talking about sports. And while I’m embarrassed to admit that considering what this Ranger does for a living, at least I can appreciate the real men who make it possible. Godspeed, Rangers. And thanks.


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The Cleveland Browns could lose a draft pick after reports came out that they lied about Johnny Manziel having a concussion and that he showed up drunk to practice.

[0:00:46] ... start late in the season showed up drunk at practice on Wednesday. Cleveland Browns lied. And said he was in the concussion. Critical do you guys remember them. Yeah because. Been a big deal about how. ...
[0:02:14] ... why he couldn't play had nothing to do with a concussion the Cleveland Browns totally made it up. He was never explain why the browns only diagnose this concussion. Three weeks. After it's supposedly happened and ...
[0:04:58] ... that is why the commissioner has to have a major problem with Cleveland Browns. Because you lied about something that we're really serious about right now normally. You made a bogus concussions and concussion that didn't exist. Racing despite it costing the business read this why it left and right this kid may end up costing. The Cleveland Browns 21 round draft notice I don't know I don't for a threatening at least what for draft autograph and want the penalty ...
[0:05:51] ... use. As quarterback risky as this is it possible guys. That the Cleveland Browns knew there was some team interest that maybe the Dallas Cowboys that they could unload for fourth round or require season opener. ...

Cam Newton spoke to the media today and didn't back down or apologize for his immature interview after the Super Bowl. Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about Newton's attitude and listen to his comments.