As the guys say goodbye to Aloha Friday and their last day of freedom from Glen Ordway, the Big O himself calls in to tell the guys that he's back in charge.

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[0:09:00] ... already will ya got breaking news no Adam sat there. The winner Tom Brady beats the NFL the lake gate court case while judge nullified at least four game suspension. They have like it out. I ...

Lou and Christian grill Gary for his stance that Tom Brady is still guilty, and callers chime in to rip Gary.
Lou, Christian and Gary listen to comments made by Tom Brady's attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, and discuss what he said about why he thinks the NFL shouldn't appeal.
It's the last Three For All, and in it's memory we have Christian prank call Tim Benz's station in Pittsburgh, posing as's Chris Price.
On the last day of Merloni and Fauria, Gary Tanguay joins the guys as they talk about Judge Berman's decision to overturn Brady's suspension, and whether or not the Patriots will try to get their million dollars and draft picks backs.



WEEITom Brady will be at next Thursday’s season-opener at Gillette Stadium, but Roger Goodell will not.

According to Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports, Goodell will not be in attendance at Sept. 10’s game between the Patriots and Steelers. He reports that Goodell and the NFL believe the focus should be on the game and festivities.

The Patriots will be raising their Super Bowl banner and typically the commissioner is in attendance at the opening game.

Brady and the NFLPA beat Goodell and the NFL in the Deflategate case, as on Thursday Judge Richard Berman nullified Brady’s four-game suspension.

I didn’t think anything could take the warm, glowing, post-coital feeling of laying there with your arms around the Tom Brady court victory and feeling its soft, gentle breath on your shoulder while it sleeps. But quite honestly, this news really does kill the mood a little.

There’s an old expression that’s been attributed to a lot of people but actually comes from a Broadway producer named David Merrick who once famously said, “It’s not enough that I succeed. Others must fail.” They are words I try to live by.

It’s one thing to have the forces of good in the universe hand Roger Goodell his butt cheeks on the silver platters of the scales of justice. To have Tom Brady take the field in triumph and watch him dismantle the Steelers defense as he has throughout his career. And of course to have the Gillette Stadium fans cheer him until most of their major organs come out through their mouths.

But it would have been another thing entirely to do it right in the commissar’s face. That would have been glorious. To watch the TV cameras cut away to his blank, expressionless mug would have given me a feeling like I probably haven’t had since Christmas day when I was like 8.

Goodell right now is an emasculated man. Powerless and shamed. In the eyes of Patriots fans, he’s a leather zipper mask and a leash away from being the Gimp from “Pulp Fiction.” And now he’s denying the region the chance to take him out of his box for a healthy dose of humiliation. But then again, I suppose the mere fact he’s not man enough to face the public and prefers taking the coward’s way out is its own form of humiliation.


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