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Roger Goodell claims he has no regrets about the way Tom Brady was treated in Deflategate. (D Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Roger Goodell claims he has no regrets about the way Tom Brady has been treated during Deflategate. (D Dipasupil/Getty Images)

It Is What It IsNFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday he had no regrets about the way he acted throughout the Deflategate drama.

Speaking after a meeting of the NFL owners in New York, Goodell said ‘€œno’€ when a reported asked him if he regretted anything about how he or the league acted throughout the process.

He then reminded people that he still believes quarterback Tom Brady should have served a four-game ban.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Tom. I know him personally,”€ Goodell told reporters. “€œAs I say, I admire him tremendously. He is a future Hall of Fame player.

“But our rules apply to everybody. They apply to every single player. And every single player expects those rules to apply to everybody. Every coach does, every fan does, every partner, every team does.”

Does Roger Goodell even hear himself any more?

I get that he lies. He’s the head of huge corporate entity and makes a pornographic amount of money and will say literally anything to protect his turf. It’s what people in lucrative, positions of power do.

But there’s supposed to be an art to the telling of lies. You craft things in such a way that there could be something plausible in the claptrap you’re passing off as truth. Some shred of half-truth in there to make the lies go down, like when your mom puts your yukky medicine in orange juice so you can swallow it.

The commissioner of the NFL doesn’t even try that. He’s just goes all bold-faced right from the jump. He’s so insulated and mad with power that he thinks he can go all Kim Jong Goodell on us. “I have a lot of respect and admiration for Tom”  — he might as well be talking about the 18 holes-in-one he once shot or all the operas he’s written.

I also understand he’s got a state-run media in all these outlets that are so beholden to him financially that they’ll parrot whatever line of B.S. he feeds them and then ask for more. But does he think for one second that any of the rest of us are buying what he’s selling about how this witch hunt was all about making sure the rules apply to everyone? Does he think we don’t know about the Panthers and Aaron Rodgers and the Chargers all doing stuff to doctor the footballs while he gave zero F’s? Or that he still employing all the people who spread the lies? Or how the league completely ignored Ben Roethlisberger using his phone on the sidelines? Or that he himself has been caught lying about Deflategate every time he’s opened his mouth or his laptop?

Again, I don’t mind being lied to by influential people. There’s a little Frank Underwood in every last one of them and I respect the game. I just want Roger Goodell to respect us enough to at least draw the line at claiming he respects Tom Brady.


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[0:02:01] ... much. But it was just dumb and made absolutely no sense in John Rodriguez he deductible golden therapies cores. He should go to therapy that. Port of what ports gods adore Gatorade jug that kid is ...
[0:02:51] ... back a company that triple. Any says John solicit scrum arts and David Ross goes to grab moment because he's you know 52 he grabs him in the Mac instead of the chest. And this guy ...
[0:08:38] ... Ronald Rodriguez they were actually looking to get something in return in Andrew Miller the fifth that nobody. Remaining on that team from either one of those deals and look at what area do you so I don't look at what Andrew Miller is right now with the Oca. Jake area edit Pedro stroke yup they're not a good ball and all for Steve carpenter. ...
[0:10:43] ... spring midnight. And they have been a disaster. At least right right Carlos Martinez or four playoff I don't matter right and guess on the two pitches that are going against each other with that great ...

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[0:06:41] ... of the year MVP and he's gonna lead the sabres to the Stanley Cup in my expectations. Men in my expecting too much better. I don't think I don't think those integrated all four score and ...
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[0:00:44] ... now. Dropping dropping idiotic editorial problem and on lap around the building Buffalo Bills but if you make the mistake you don't wish anyone else surrogate that you'll ever have to push ups true. Picnic just ...
[0:06:37] ... at a catalog panders yes. It's incredible. Here it is in the New York Times. Jessica Mendoza. Defies boundaries and critics. This is a New York Times story demanding would you agree with this characterization or Erica yeah NN Dana they replace Schilling permanently. Whitman dollars and not to cause Schilling was batter he did something bad. Because she is so good to he has quote left them no choice support to knock down boundaries in the release at two or something you know it was a reasoning for cars not so what is she slept she's been so good she's left them no choice but to replace. And that's the New York Times and I guarantee you. ESP suits read all are thing in the morning absolute waste and and say when we got to. We gotta do what Richardson and Morse cinema says we should do yes Cinemark the result when doing the right of sanctuary I may not be articulate and trying to make a political fight. This matters is my point this matter New York Times. It's probably common in the globe tomorrow gets us you bigots you think it's important that they did so months and a ...
[0:11:45] ... pushups like liking push ups. You know mine's house career she she Curt Schilling went talked to him shortly yes 6256 but he is I hate to break at the current it's a crime and he knows he's she says and yet. And he has to be careful but he he's out she's in knickers the New York Times. As said please declared it must have is to send more story you know. It's in the Maher is it enemy here ...
[0:16:06] ... is that it's. The data make the decision is the day the New York Times writes this must happen because would be Smart and progress aggressive spider successes since emirates. Doses faced criticism largest social media for ...