Villani and Bradfo take some calls on John Farrell and the job he has done thus far. They chat about why Farrell's performance continues to be such a hot-button topic. Then the boys move on to the Colin Kaepernick story - he protested the treatment of minorities by sitting during the National Anthem. The guys do NOT agree with his approach.

[0:01:36] ... own bottle but I I'm not and it. Years. We've got some John Farrell a phone calls or it's excellent 77797937. Here's here's the outside the box way may be looking out at. In a different world. In any any way in a world where John Farrell didn't which EDT to valley in an eighth inning and go Thursday. Though if you look at it and said this is a last place team a year ago. And now he's got them potentially winning your division competing word that may one of the best records the American League. I feel like people outside of Boston would look at that and say John Farrell is in the short list of in that it's the manager of the year. Well right. Yeah well. I heard this argument ...
[0:03:07] ... I thought I do think that you have to look at what John Farrell's. Don what those guys which a lot of people critz by the way. Thought maybe he wouldn't be able to do with the young players Della Torre Lavelle a different personality he's gonna get the Jackie Bradley's and Zander Bogart's. In it they even if dramatic heavy equipment that comes up. It plays well under John Ferrell. There's John Farrell deserve the credit I don't know. But if another manager with a year and he was replaced the date it to bet it did give up that manager would have gotten credit guarantee. Eat I'm just say if you look at Canada the outside perspective. BK AZUE talked to a baseball fan who lives in Los Angeles who lives in Texas who's not a Red Sox fan. I think they would make sort of the circus case the Euro making look at these guys are playing well they're having career years under John Farrell and Al. Is that guy who takes a team from last place the first place and a manager of the year conversation. You what they didn't see. Once the 88 inning we keep on their conservative and that's the issue western and all of these extra. Six what 77797937. Richie in Brockton. On John Farrell is very top security. I'll hit your I've heard that the whole show all I'm just curious. What are these mine brought ...
[0:08:07] ... is in Christie and agree or disagree but when we talk about John Farrell Jon for a conversation almost always about the bullpen. They used to know about pinch hitting for average on the fifth inning. ...
[0:11:06] ... a bully I Kimble in that that was right in line with Hanley Ramirez using Mike Napoli Islam the first day of spring. It's excellent 77797937. Rain Rhode Island on guess who John Farrell. Guys they don't and I. As far as John Farrell John Ferrell has never been and will never be anything more than mediocre manager. It it's okay if he doesn't have to ...

Carly Rae Jepsen's leftover songs are killer. (Getty Images)

Carly Rae Jepsen’s leftover songs are killer. (Getty Images)

For an album that’s exceedingly bright, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “E•MO•TION” didn’t have as fun a time as it should have. It was undoubtedly a very strong album, but it barely yielded one Top 40 song as the album failed to take Jepsen back to the heights she had reached with “Call Me Maybe” off of 2012’s “Kiss.”

Still, those who sunk their teeth into the album swore by it, and for good reason. This album was crafted to be a modern-day pop masterpiece, as its producers and co-writers included modern-day hitmakers Sia, Ariel Rechtshaid (Adele, Vampire Weekend, HAIM, Calvin Harris), Shellback (Taylor Swift, Adele, Kesha, Maroon 5) Mattman & Robin (Taylor Swift, Tove Lo, Nick Jonas; they’re also the monsters responsible for “Cake By the Ocean”), Rostam and Dev Hynes. Simply looking at the album’s credits was enough to make a pop fan’s mouth water. Hell, Bieber was an executive producer.

The songs were great, if not too similar to one another. The album was clearly put together with an 80s sound in mind, an area where Rechtshaid in particular excels. Why the album wasn’t a major success may go down as one of modern pop’s great mysteries, but the thinking here from the beginning was that some truly great work was spent on an artist who wasn’t truly great, and that’s coming from a Carly Rae Jepsen fan.

Still, the album’s fate was unfair. Taylor Swift’s success (and that of so many before her) shows that you don’t need to be a powerhouse vocalist to be a star solo artist, and really “1989” wasn’t so much better than “EMOTION” that one deserved Album of the Year while the other failed to even get a single Grammy nomination.

On Friday, Jepson released “E•MO•TION: Side B,” a collection of eight songs that didn’t make the cut for the 12-song LP. The songs very much come from the same world as “E•MO•TION” (the 80s world), but interestingly enough, “Side B” might actually be a better pound-for-pound release than “E•MO•TION” itself. The leadoff track of the leftovers, “First Time” is perhaps one of the five best songs of the entire group of 20.

So, with “Side B” being received warmly (and it’s worth nothing “E•MO•TION” was also a critical darling), it’s worth exploring whether “E•MO•TION” could have been more successful had Interscope kept some of the songs it cut and lost some of the ones that made the album. Sticking with 12 songs (the number on the standard release), here’s one attempt at giving “E•MO•TION” a good ol’ fashioned redrafting:

1. Run Away With Me [E•MO•TION] – The rest of the album isn’t as adult as its leadoff shuffle, making this a standout track.
2. First Time [Side B] – And here we return to vintage Jepsen. Nothing beats good, unapologetically derivative pop. This song isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather make the wheel look damn good.
3. Higher [Side B] – A good enough song to overlook rhyming “best” with “rest.”
4. E•MO•TION [E•MO•TION] – Great chorus; would have been a much better choice as a single than the bland “Your Type,” which was released as a single but doesn’t make the cut here.
5. I Really Like You [E•MO•TION] – The only Top 40 song off “E•MO•TION” wasn’t close to her best work on the album, but it appeased the “Call Me Maybe” crowd to a degree.
6. The One [Side B] – Carly Rae Jepsen is nothing without flirty songs. This is one of them.
7. All That [E•MO•TION] – The best song of the 20 and one of Rechtshaid’s finest works. Just a terrific slow jam with a killer bridge.
8. Boy Problems [E•MO•TION] – Jepsen’s songs usually rely on massive choruses; here’s a rare instance where the verse and pre-chorus outshine the hook.
9. Cry [Side B] – The type of song Taylor Swift will hear and be furious she didn’t come up with it first.
10. When I Needed You [E•MO•TION] – Essentially a Sky Ferreira song, which is a great thing.
11. Warm Blood [E•MO•TION] – The most ambitious song of the group, and boy does it work.
12. Roses [Side B] – Now I seriously wish this is what the album was. “Roses” would have been a hell of a closer.

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DJ Bean
The guys talk about the big Sox victory last night over KC with David Price getting the job done. They discuss the pitching staff and how the starting rotation has leveled out and has gotten much better while the bullpen has been struggling. They debate the rolls of Clay Buchholz and Drew Pomeranz and which one deserves to make the trip to the bullpen. Chris and Rob also talk about Dustin Pedroia and how this has been one of the best seasons of his career.
The boys briefly get into the Colin Kaepernick situation in which he chose to sit for the National Anthem as a protest for how minorities have been treated by police. The guys applaud him for standing up for a cause, but don't necessarily agree with the cause. They also talk about why Belichick has struggled drafting at the WR position, what the WR's the Pats currently have bring to the table and how they can assist Jimmy G in the first four weeks.
Villani is in for Tanguay on a Sunday morning, and he and Price discuss the positive and negative takeaways from the third preseason game at Caroina. They discuss Jimmy G, the offense under both QB's and if they have confidence that he can keep the Pats alive in the first four weeks.
Jim and Pete may be at their big, annual tuna fantasy draft, but the guys still have you covered as your fantasy football draft rapidly approaches. They get into high value wide receivers, elite targets for your draft and other draft strategies. Good luck! The guys will be back live next week as we prepare for the regular season.
Jim and Pete may be at their big, annual tuna fantasy draft, but the guys still have you covered as your fantasy football draft rapidly approaches. They get into high value wide receivers, elite targets for your draft and other draft strategies. Good luck! The guys will be back live next week as we prepare for the regular season.
Villani and Bradfo take some calls on John Farrell -- some fans are still calling for his head while others think he deserves more credit than he's been getting.
Danny talks about Tom in the 3rd preseason game
Danny talks about Tom in the 3rd preseason game