Some house cleaning is being done at ESPN as reports of employee cuts begin to come out. And how pissed/not pissed should Matt Barnes be?

John Skipper has just sent memo to all @espn employees. Layoffs announced today. Around 50 names you will recognize; another 50 you may not.

— jamesmiller (@JimMiller) April 26, 2017

ESPN is making major layoffs on Wednesday and many of the those affected are big names at the Worldwide Leader. Here is the ones we know so far:

— NFL reporter Ed Werder

— Hockey writer Joe McDonald


— Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky

— NHL columnist Scott Burnside

— Hockey insider Pierre LeBrun

— College basketball reporter Dana O’Neil

— ESPNU host Brendan Fitzgerald

— Soccer writer Mike Goodman

— Big Ten reporter Austin Ward

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Lucy Burdge
Buck joins the guys to discuss his piece on how the Red Sox need to address the Dustin Pedroia-Matt Barnes situation.

[0:03:49] ... little that these days. So so no I had no problem with Dustin Pedroia he's a rookie years in MVPs of gold glove winner he's won two World Series is probably gonna go all the pain. ...
[0:05:02] ... and you and I when we do agree is that is that John Farrell does some wacky things as manager. And on a regular basis I call him out. And the idea for all the people who said he's not a great game manager but that's not the most important thing is is that not a calling kind of John Farrell didn't come Brodsky say it. And and rob Bradford sales while the writers that we saw the passing game manager but that's not the most important thing that place home. That's the most important thing is that the way he runs the club ousted at the same page that is organization. Sometimes I don't see any organization I didn't see it in his last communication. I people in this case and one of the biggest concerns and coming in this season was there. Losing to real well. And David Ortiz that it would be in my view okay along with the public about where its name because he's not the about a ...
[0:07:04] ... job is that it's an athletic game you met we don't know Matt Barnes and John Ferraro. They gave it right we don't try to hit him on purpose and I have no problem but that's ...
[0:10:55] ... the team. That that is Kenya Africa put it this way if Matt Barnes didn't have any you you'll you know there's a good idea of the anatomy and Matt Barnes didn't have an issue with a Dustin Pedroia kidneys too scared to reveal that's what are just concerned OK I know hold on us too scared to reveal. Because the joy is though he isn't that locker room. OK but if he was a veteran you reduction and got right back and rejoice faith that this should happen you know I did try to hit him in the head. You everybody note which I don't know if you try to hit it in ahead. But the agency tried to hit them he missed a spot ski get scared because nobody wants you know there is what you would but I hardly think Matt Barnes is spot was. It's a bit of the bill but yes and yes but the guys are once guys uncomfortable thrown its ...

In a break from the usual, we start the show by goofing on Glenn. We get into the Boston Globe's piece on Tom Brady's charity.
In a break from the usual, we start the show by goofing on Glenn. We get into the Boston Globe's piece on Tom Brady's charity.
Hour 4. Bradford joins the show to defend the fact that he attends Ortiz’s charity event for free. Alex doesn’t think it was unethical to out Hernandez.

[0:11:25] ... entertainment one's journalism that's why. And no respect I also respect the Christian Fauria. When you write about or teasing cover t.'s coverage and every single day that carries a different kind of weight that will create it. What Michael Holley wrote the book but Tedy Bruschi and educated group in what way and you're on the air right public interest. Right exactly. That I'm not arguing about arguing ...
[0:12:39] ... an identity guard what are your story what if we talked about Warren Sapp sound like. Absolutely whether I'd say I'd say that wasn't right I grinned so it to charity well why did for the ...
[0:15:53] ... know how many other dimension sounds like a man and they mentioned Drew Brees quickly briefly. And that's it don't know how it works for ease. The army does and who do commission meaning no that ...

Hour 3. Kirk goes on his second rant of the day. Minihane orders Alex’s and Gerry’s mics to be turned off and hosts the show by himself.
Hour 2. The guys talk discuss Hernandez’s gay lover with Reimer. Reimer says there aren’t a lot of straight guys looking to experiment. Bradford tells Mut he paid for his wife to attend the Ortiz charity event.
Hour 1. In a wild opening segment, Kirk and Gerry lash out at the Globe and Joe Sullivan. Reimer weighs in on Cyd Ziegler’s Hernandez take. Michael Holley thinks the Globe would do the same story on Ortiz as they did on Brady and Best Buddies.