Maxim It may feel like ancient history now but there was a time when Olympic ice skater Tonya Harding was one of the biggest names in the world.

Unfortunately, it was because of her part in a scheme to disable rival Nancy Kerrigan—a plot that quickly unraveled and ultimately saw her banned from skating and convicted of hindering the prosecution of the men who attacked Kerrigan.

Now Variety reports that it looks as though Margot Robbie may be set to bring Harding to life in a movie based on the ridiculous episode. …

“I, Tonya” will tell the tale of the 1994 assault on Kerrigan and appropriately enough, is reportedly set to be a comedy.

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of any news item that could have me more excited than a report that a Tonya and Nancy movie has gotten the green light, and I’ve got nothing. I literally can’t think of anything in entertainment that I’d rather see than this epic tale being immortalized on film.

Believe me, I’m aware that I’m dating myself here. A while back, this subject came up at our office and two interns knew nothing about it. As I told them the story (at least for the first 20 minutes or so of me telling them the story, because I have a lot of details), they could scarcely believe such a thing could have captured the hearts and minds of America. But if you didn’t live through it, no explanation will suffice. If you did, none is necessary. The Tonya and Nancy saga not only dominated the news for months, it was one of those stories that was so surreal, both in the events that unfolded and the living caricatures involved – not to mention the awesome 1990s mustaches – that it seemed like a work of fiction. Even while it was happening.

The truly remarkable thing is that it’s taken so long for someone to make it into a major motion picture. I mean, it got the TV movie of the week treatment and a stage musical. But this is the only way to do it justice. Now add Margot Robbie – the flat-out hottest woman in Hollywood and director Craig Gillespie, who did the very underrated “The Finest Hours,” and we might as well start putting the name plate on that Oscar right now.

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at

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Jerry Thornton



Candy Store To help you buy the best Halloween candy for your neighborhood, we determined the most popular candy by state. …

Maybe Massachusetts love of Butterfingers has something to do with why all that tea slipped out of their hands and into the harbor back in 1773. Doh!  Perhaps not. But what our candy history tells us is that this state certainly loves this chocolate peanut butter candy bar.  Over 650,000 bars are eaten here.

Bad puns and lame historical allusions aside, I can live with Butterfingers being the candy of the great state of Massachusetts.

Basically it comes down to this. In order to be the best, a candy has to include a contrasting combination of at least two flavors and textures. It can’t just consist of one, homogeneous candy. Consider for instance, Alabama. Hershey’s Mini Chocolate Candy Bars? Those are their favorites? Meaning if Alabamans only had one candy they could take to a deserted island, they’d go with just plain chocolate formed into a square? How about living a little, you deprived, backwoods yokels.

Or Delaware. Life Savers? Really? Look, I like a good Life Saver as much as the next guy. But what kind of a primitive do you have to be to pick a hard candy as your favorite? You might as well just say your favorites are mints. Which is insane.

Like I said, for a candy to be truly great, it has to involve at least two elements. And there is no better combo than chocolate and peanuts, therefore Butterfingers is a more than acceptable choice we can be proud to call our own. I would also have accepted Peanut M&Ms or Reese’s. Just don’t get me started on the West Coast, where they seem to have some bizarre fixation for Salt Water Taffy. Please. Put that in some Masshole’s Halloween bag and you schedule some time the next morning to get the toilet paper out of your trees, dink. The Region of Champions eats candy like champions.

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at

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Jerry Thornton

The vast and brutal digital food chain that is social media claimed another victim Thursday at the news that Vine is ceasing operations. Launched in 2013 and the source of billions of videos looped trillions of times, Vine is most likely the victim of Instagram’s video option. Or it was swallowed up the bigger footprint established by Snapchat once it started being about more than sending temporary bewb pictures. Though it could be that it was devoured by Facebook Live, which is eating everything in the ecosystem.

Regardless, it’s only fitting that I pay tribute with one man’s list of the top ten Patriots moments captured by Vine videos. It’s my way of saying thank the app for presenting us years of greatness, six seconds at a time.

10. The Doorbuster as 20,000 people show up for the first day of camp.

9. Tom Brady bounces throws out the first pitch at Fenway on Opening Day, 2015.  

8. The Indianapolis Colts “Funt” play.

7. The current and future quarterbacks.  

6. The White House visit.

5. Rob Gronkowski dances at the Super Bowl rings party.  

4. The one and only Buttfumble.

3. The parade.


2. “One, two, three, four…”

1. Malcolm Butler’s interception for the ages.  

wendysOctober marks the return of two legends: Wendy’s Original Taco Salad is back and so is our favorite quarterback. Wendy’s is celebrating these two historic returns by giving you a chance to win $12,000 in cash. Enter to win and see complete rules at

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Jerry Thornton
Mark Dondero of WPRI came in studio for the final hour and addressed his odd question to Bill Belichick.
Gerry, Kirk and Alex Reimer react to the Peter King interview on Dale and Holley.
Bryan Curtis of The Ringer joined Gerry and Kirk to discuss his story on Chris Mortensen.
Zito Madu of SB Nation takes hero worship of Tom Brady to a new level.

[0:00:17] ... gonna. Taper and I heard him rattled during the break. The stories Tom Brady let me down. The first senses have only private public twice. The author is Zito would do Zito I got an eighteen terror ATP highlight item in. I'm married Ed Dunn there not too bad so I guess the premise of your story is that you know your big picture thing you've cried twice the public the two times off the giants. And now Tom Brady you thought it was a angelic is what you down no. I got real prompt out in the recent lets you down as that he would not denounce his friend Donald Trump correct. Well it's not that good that he won't deny out right because really in the story itself I talk about Powell. ...
[0:06:56] ... what's best for you for people like you would you just said Tom Brady is doing what's best for him you know it's it's obvious he does does him no good. Did opine on these issues ...
[0:07:45] ... that is that he's a super human being. What the quarterback against Miami Heat the other created an Arab bloc is. WQ do you like you sit on game days between they don't that the couple things where he's betrayed his Jesus and one of the tweets. And you said our god is an awesome god and his name is Tom Brady he's still gonna do that like Sunday when other bills. Well I haven't done that no actually I have been created that in that locker room banter and pray I got killed read about him playing in that they have played about like you know the pages I am but I haven't really do like gone over delegates throw him under this. I'm curious I read this the though and you talk about the two time to cry in public and they lost to the giants in the Super Bowl current global times we lost the giants yes around with the people around we saw being like tears that we just choked ...
[0:09:21] ... because I. You know tell me how how many. Honestly I think Tom Brady posted is do you have or do you have a night light Brady night late. Love him but of course you are but everybody I have like a prayer candle. And now I mean look at how great credit and the like you gate print up the paper you kind of covered prayer candle but expect Britney except that it prelude to the president. She sees prayer candles that we get those and only get one. By Latino coach like Tom Brady print handles online. So you gonna be okay if they don't when the so bullish you cry and elusive cry cowboys of ...

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