WALTHAM, Mass. - Something appeared different about the Big Three when they took the podium at Celtics Media Day on Monday afternoon at the team’s practice facility.

It wasn’t any hardware on their fingers since Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen won’t receive their championship rings until the season-opener next month.

It was that they finally looked the part of bona-fide leaders.

A championship will do that to you.



At first glance this year’s Media Day was no different than the last for the Boston Celtics. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen sat at the podium and addressed a swarming herd of microphones and cameras in their training facility in Waltham. They talked about expectations, playing for a title, and the importance of staying hungry. The trio agreed there was a target on their backs.

But then something different happened.



What in the world is Danny Ainge thinking? First he drafts J.R. Giddens and now he’s signed free agent Darius Miles. 

Miles was once-considered a potential star in the league, shortly after he was taken by the Los Angeles Clippers as the third overall pick in the 2000 draft. 

However, it’s been all downhill since. 



In this space each week we’ll try and take a look at hoops throughout New England – basketball at all levels. For the first edition, we’ll focus on the World Champion Boston Celtics.

I went into the conversation with Boston Celtics boss Danny Ainge with a firm grip. The loss of James Posey hurts and no one was going to convince me otherwise – especially Ainge.

C’mon, Posey was the ultimate glue guy. He helped shut down LeBron, contain Kobe and even had that cool pre-game love fest with K.G. and the rest of his teammates.



MIAMI -- As expected, Rajon Rondo will play in Game 5 despite a painful dislocated left elbow. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he will keep a close watch on Rondo. "In some way I think he’s in more pain than he was going into Game 4, but I think he at least has an idea on how to deal with it more," Rivers said. "We’re hoping that he can give us something and if he can’t then we’ll have to make a decision on the floor." 

Rajon Rondo will start for the Celtics in Game 4 of their playoff series against the Heat. How much he can give the team after suffering a dislocated left elbow in Game 3 is still an open question. "As long as you keep playing, everyone’s going to get hit at some point in the game," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "I think it would be obvious for all of us if he just can’t play. I think we’ll all know that."