Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated joined the Dale & Holley show Friday morning to talk about the Celtics-Magic series. Mannix said the officiating crew assigned to Game 6 — Mike Callahan, Monty McCutchen and Ken Mauer — appears to be one that will help Boston's cause. "It will be a liberally called game," Mannix said. "Just based on the names and what you're saying, I think that favors Boston. I think they're going to be able to get away with a little bit more physically against Dwight Howard and some other guys.

Michael Wilbon of ESPN and The Washington Post joined the Dennis & Callahan show Friday morning to talk about the Celtics-Magic series. Asked for his prediction for Friday night's Game 6, Wilbon said: "[My opinion] is tainted, completely colored by history. ... What's in my gut is the Boston Celtics don't lose this game at home."


Doc Rivers was asked on a conference call by a reporter from New Orleans if the Hornets had made assistant coach Tom Thibodeau an offer for their head coaching position. "No, not yet," Rivers said. "I'm hoping they do soon. He deserves it. I haven't heard much. Thibs and I do talk about it. So we're just hoping." As a follow-up, Rivers was asked if this was a distraction. "I'm not worried about it," Rivers said. "There's nobody that's going to work harder than Tom Thibodeau. Ever. He will never be a distraction. That's the one guy I have no concern with.

The good news for the Celtics is that Glen Davis is doing better, but Marquis Daniels is not and Rasheed Wallace's back spasms have not gone away.  "Baby looks good," Doc Rivers said on a conference call with reporters. "He still has to go through some tests this evening for our doctors to get clearance. He didn't have any headaches today, he had some last night, which is a big step. All of it will be a game-time decision." The news was not so promising on Daniels.

The NBA announced Thursday that they had rescinded the second of Kendrick Perkins two technical fouls in a Game 5 loss to the Magic. Perkins received his second technical from official Eddie F. Rush with 36 seconds left in the first half, which not only got him ejected, it also would have trigged an automatic one-game suspension from the NBA as he reached the postseason limit of seven. The NBA reviews every technical foul and in rescinding the second T, it allows Perkins to play in Game 6.

Celtics Hall of Famer and broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn criticized the officiating in Wednesday night's Game 5 during his appearance on the Dennis & Callahan show Thursday morning. He also talked about the league allowing Dwight Howard to get away with throwing elbows and the need to rescind one of Kendrick Perkins' technical fouls.


Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy continued his criticism of the league in an appearance on the Dennis & Callahan show Thursday morning and addressed the controversy from Wednesday night, when the Celtics were on the short end of some questionable calls, including the ejection of center Kendrick Perkins for two technical fouls.


ORLANDO — There are two ways to look at what happened to the Celtics Wednesday night.



Ten thoughts from a Game 5 that gave every "The NBA is fixed" believer enough fodder to last until 2030, when Dick Bavetta will be 88 years old and working his 66th straight NBA finals.

1. This just in: The Magic are good. 

And now we have a series.



ORLANDO -- Kendrick Perkins got thrown out, and may possibly be suspened for Game 6. Glen Davis and Marquis Daniels both suffered concussions. Rasheed Wallace has back spasms. And the Celtics lost 113-92 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. Kevin Garnett summed up the mood in the locker room the best. "Today was a tough day," he said. "Lot of things going on. It's not like it's something we haven't seen before. We've had lots of different situations during our run in the past. None of this is going to be easy.