Don Sweeney is entering his second offseason as Bruins general manager.</p>
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The Bruins announced Sunday that they will hold their annual year-end availability Monday at TD Garden, but it came with an interesting twist. Then again, it wouldn’t be the 2015-16 Bruins without something being off.

The Bruins announced Sunday that they will hold their annual year-end availability Monday at TD Garden, but it came with an interesting twist. Then again, it wouldn’t be the 2015-16 Bruins without something being off.

Breakup day typically consists of player availability followed by a press conference with the coach and general manager. Sunday’s announcement made mention of only players, however. Reached for clarification as to whether or not Claude Julien, Don Sweeney and/or Cam Neely would be available, Bruins media relations noted that the only confirmed availability was for players. Bruins vice president of communications Matt Chmura added that the current schedule does not mean definitively mean that Boston’s leadership won’t be available Monday, but that nothing with the media was currently planned regarding the trio.

It’s worth noting that both Julien and then-GM Peter Chiarelli were both available at last season’s breakup day. At the time, Chiarelli said that things were “business as usual until we hear otherwise.” Chiarelli was fired two days later.

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Butch is joined by two-thirds of the Sunday Skate show in DJ and Pete. The guys discuss the problems with Bruins including leadership and grit, who should stay and who should go and if Claude is to blame.

[0:13:14] ... is because of the winner of group and the folks who. That's Patrice Bergeron yesterday after the Bruins can't keep in mind the Bruins didn't know whether they be in the playoffs or not they didn't ...
[0:20:32] ... I'd like to get votes he peeking get them. I think that Nathan Horton move reeked of Cam Neely I think that Cambodia and I reached is that bad. Where to use because suggests it was bad but that bad Kim nearly total already meet up big power forward let's set up our team. Source skilled offensive senator. Has two monsters on either side at him puts try to win a Stanley Cup that way they go out they get Nathan Horton and they do with Lucic and Horton. So getting readily teacher replacement and apple right so in in that way like I ...
[0:23:05] ... when he got to Boston. All right let's get a head Coach Dave Lewis this is the guy that I want to hire a coach. If the Bruins had fired Peter surely after that season you ...

DJ along with Joey Mac and Pete Blackburn continue the reaction to the Bruins season ending abruptly yesterday and who is to blame.
DJ, Joe and Pete continue discussing how the Bruins were disappointing this season, where things went astray and the future of the team. They also get into Tuukka not playing due to illness and if he could have played with callers who are calling for his head. The guys discuss all of these issues with NESN's Andy Brickley as well.
The great Andy Brickley joins the guys to discuss the puzzling season for the Bruins, what went wrong and how Sweeney and Neely can right the ship. He gets into the lack of leadership, identity and toughness on this roster, how they need a shake-up and that Claude is not the problem.

[0:00:36] ... the trooper's Spierkel hobbled Dotson. EU is going to be leaving the red wings after the playoffs so the Atlantic Division just continues to get easier and easier. Yet somehow brick the Bruins couldn't find their way in how do you explain what has happened with this Boston Bruins team. And haven't been able to explain to grow at all here you know Kirk or all of us that are around ...
[0:06:16] ... this group the defense defenseman that that the Bruins did have. You Claude Julien over achieve with this team by having them in the playoff discussion for the entire season. There are uttered Opel retrieve the ...

Less than 24 hours removed from the Bruins season coming to an end, DJ, Joe and Pete discuss and react to the downward spiral during the final weeks of the season. What happened and could it have been prevented? The guys talk about the leadership and roster issues on this team and wonder if Don Sweeney and Cam Neely can fix things. They also get into the Claude Julien question -- will he stay or will he go? These guys don't believe he should be fired but realize it's an option that many fans want the organization to go in.

I’m a dinosaur and don’t see any funny internet things unless Pete Blackburn makes them, but get a load of this:

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DJ Bean

The Bruins have missed the playoffs for two straight seasons. (USA Today Sports)Whatever the Bruins were trying to do didn’t work.

Even scarier: Whatever the Bruins are trying to do isn’t working.