The Bruins capped a lackluster performance against the Hurricanes with the best result possible.

The Bruins capped a lackluster performance against the Hurricanes with the best result possible. Minutes after the Panthers defeated the Senators in regulation, David Pastrnak scored in overtime to give Boston a 2-1 victory over Carolina and a three-point lead over the Senators for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

With 37 seconds remaining in overtime, Carl Soderberg drew two defenders to him deep in the offensive zone before dishing to a wide open Pastrnak, who blasted a one-timer past Anton Khudobin. The victory gave the B’s 89 points with six games remaining. Ottawa has 86 points with seven games left, meaning the Bruins control their destiny going forward.

Ryan Spooner scored 2:21 into Boston’s game for his seventh goal of the season. The goal gave Spooner sole possession of the team lead in goals since his recall in late February. The Bruins failed to get a second puck past Khudobin in the rest of regulation, with Carolina evening the score on a Nathan Gerbe tally in the final minute of the second period.

Tuukka Rask started and picked up the win after leaving Saturday’s game against the Rangers in the second period. Rask made 30 saves in what was his career-high 64th game of the season.
The Bruins will next play when they host the Panthers Tuesday at TD Garden. Florida trails the B’s by four points.

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DJ Bean
Peter Chiarelli joined the Sunday Skate crew to talk about the Bruins playoff push heading into the final handful of games of the regular season. Chiarelli talked about avoiding some of the overly negative feedback he gets while realizing that the team does have real issues. He discusses what went down at the trade deadline and if he was happy with the outcome, Lucic having a down year and underperforming, the salary cap and if he considers it as big of an issue as it's been made out to be and what the future holds for the team.

[0:06:57] ... know and there's certainly these are things that we look that. The trade deadline. And it's part of June's job to look at these things at all not at all times. And long look at these things subject. Peter when he talked about the trade deadline. How. How happy were you with. Or were you happy with the way things turned out with the exception of Brett Connolly ...
[0:11:13] ... young guys step up. So far this year so. You know the odd couple with some of them are just aren't all the all over archer. No it's. We chart of what happens sometimes. That were ...

It's a big hour #2 for the Sunday Skate dudes - they talk about the B's defenseman and what the future looks like at that position, with both moves the team can make and younger guys in the AHL. They also get into the Bruins philosophy on bringing guys up and sending them back down and how players deal with that. Finally, the boys are joined by Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli to discuss EVERYTHING.

[0:02:53] ... is playing tonight my guess is to go will play against. The Carolina Hurricanes that. But. And it we can't for anybody who's just tuning in now we can't forget. Lyndon bias called and told us ...
[0:04:45] ... so that is an area. So Carl Soderbergh. You might not notice. Zdeno Chara might be. The Smart one of the smartest players like people one of the smartest hockey players. In the NHL just because ...
[0:07:08] ... go about this in regards to seen him play. Ample shifts with Zdeno Chara is. They're gonna they're prepared to just mix and match where they have to the rest of the way and if they ...
[0:12:59] ... he turned it to the one of the best players in the American Hockey League at age eighteen the youngest guy in the league. So I think you know it was telltale sign for the Bruins that ...

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli joined Sunday Skate with DJ Bean, Joe McDonald and Pete Blackburn Sunday morning to talk all things Bruins heading into the final few games of the regular-season as the team battles to make the playoffs.

Peter Chiarelli said Milan Lucic has been in a group of players that have underperformed with the Bruins this season. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Peter Chiarelli said Milan Lucic has been in a group of players that have underperformed with the Bruins this season. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli joined Sunday Skate with DJ Bean, Joe McDonald and Pete Blackburn Sunday morning to talk all things Bruins heading into the final few games of the regular-season as the team battles to make the playoffs. To hear the interview, go to the Weekend Shows audio on demand page.

A lot of players have been criticized for their play this season, one of those players being Milan Lucic. Chiarelli said he has been just like most players on the roster, a group that has underperformed this season.

“I think I would put him in the overall group that we’ve all kind of underperformed,” Chiarelli said. “I haven’t made any real decisions on really anything and that includes Milan’s case. He’s done a lot for this organization. But, like I said, I think a lot of personnel have underperformed, so I would put Milan in that category like the rest of the group, myself included.”

Also a major topic of late with the Bruins is the job security for both Chiarelli and Claude Julien. Unlike past seasons, the final games of the regular-season have much more importance and therefore Chiarelli is in a different position than he’s ever been in.

“Yeah, interesting is a good way to put it,” he said of this season. “The year has been a bit of a difficult year. We’re battling for a playoff spot now. Much chronicled about Claude’s job and my job, but we’re professionals. We try and get the best out of our team — I try and make the right decisions and it’s a grind every game to watch. It seems like every game goes to overtime and it’s been difficult, but part of the business.”

When asked if he thinks his position should be reviewed, especially having made the postseason seven straight seasons, he didn’t want to go into that.

“I am not going to comment on that,” said Chiarelli. “I am a professional paid to make the right decisions and make decisions that are best for the organization. These are things that happen in our business. … If it’s my job, it’s my job, but I hope that it’s not.”

Following are more highlights from the interview. For more Bruins news, visit

On the trade deadline: “I am satisfied with the way it worked out. Listen, you can arm-chair quarterback on deals that would have been, could have been, but you don’t know how those deals would have been until those players are in your locker room. What I can tell you is that with [Brett] Connolly getting injured that was a disappointment. He’s a good young player that will really help our team. I am happy with that deal. And bringing in Max Talbot, he’s been a good addition. I am happy with the two things that we did. It’s unfortunate that Brett got hurt, but those are things that happen.”

On if he likes the current contracts of Bruins players and the salary cap: “I’m fairly comfortable with it. The big issue with the mismanagement of the cap is the overages on [Jarome] Iginla and that was a risk that we took to try and win a risk that we took in hopes that some of the young guys would step up [in some spots this year.] I am comfortable with all our contracts. They are all movable if we have to move them. We tried to be aggressive with the cap and I am not saying it didn’t work this year, we had a lot of things occur this year, including cap difficulties. There are a lot of teams that have success with that cap issue and cap discipline. Put it on the list of things that have been criticized for us and things we will need to overcome.”

On Tuukka Rask: “He’s been important for us this year. Obviously a very good goalie and we rely on him. This stretch it’s going to be important for him playing and playing a lot. I can’t say without talking to our coach in-depth on the goaltending plan — I’ve done that, but I am not going to disclose to you what it is. He’s played a lot of games. There are a lot of goalies that have played a lot of games in that group, so I would expect that to continue.”

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The Sunday Skate crew gets the show going discussing the Bruins big, impressive victory over the NY Rangers yesterday. What can you take from that game? According to LB - Lyndon Byers - who called the guys from the road, not a lot. LB drops a dime on what was going on with the Rangers yesterday. DJ and Joe discuss Claude's lines and groupings and the importance of Ryan Spooner. They also get into Lucic, his contributions this year and if he can turn things around.

[0:19:24] ... I'm sure president coach Julien said exactly that locker after yesterday's game. Zdeno Chara said the same thing even Lou each. Lucci said the same thing between religion and eBay's loosen the same thing that. Look ...
[0:27:00] ... back with the second hour of Sunday skate companies yeah yeah. This Zdeno Chara and listened to the solar industry. It's in my everything kind of just kept growing after. After we got separate from the ...
[0:28:24] ... same game which. We've talked to vote that line Odyssey in mostly Chris Kelly on the left wing. With Soderbergh and Ericsson we talked about how Louie Ericsson has had to be outlines driver. For awhile ...
[0:29:11] ... second I think it is as far as forwards. In a platelet Patrice Bergeron you've gone up against. You know price get a life and worry tackler Perry so I would do indeed DJ do you. ...

How did the Bruins beat the Rangers? Why did the Leafs beat the Senators? Why did the Leafs… want to beat the Senators? Are the Senators actually bad? Are the Bruins still bad? Is Tuukka Rask hydrated? Will Pete Blackburn ever have his name said in the show open?

Discuss all these things and more in the Sunday Skate Live Chat with Pete Blackburn, DJ Bean and Joe McDonald from 7-9 a.m. Click here to listen to the show online. Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli will join the show in the 8 o’clock hour.

Live Blog Sunday Skate Live Chat: ‘The Leafs are Kind of the Bruins’ Heroes Now’ Edition

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Milan Lucic scored two first-period goals Saturday. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)The Bruins’ worst offensive period is the third period.

The Bruins got a big lead on the Rangers early and then held on for a 4-2 win without their most important player. Fortunately for them, Tuukka Rask is OK.