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Tom Brady explains why football is now easier than ever before for him

Ryan Hannable
August 18, 2017 - 6:00 am

Playing 17 seasons in the NFL, Tom Brady has seen it all. 

There isn’t much the quarterback hasn’t faced and with all of his experience in the league, now at age 40 and entering his 18th season, he believes the game is now as easy as it has ever been for him.

“I feel like I have worked hard to get to this point,” Brady said to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer. “Going into my 18th year, I’ve learned a lot. I have had the experience, I’ve played the defense, I’ve played in the big games, and I still feel like physically I can perform at a really high level. Not a lot of athletes can say that. Now this is the time to really start having fun. Every time I go on the field I feel like, ‘Alright, I know what to do. I know how to do it. I know where to go with the ball.’

"Football is in someways easier now for me than it ever was because I have been doing it longer. I have the experience. Hopefully that experience can pay off.”

Being in the league for so long, he has a different perspective on winning and losing. The winning feeling doesn’t last as long as it once did, but the losing feeling still sticks.

“The losses hurt, absolutely,” he said. “The wins, they feel good, but they turn over really quick. You feel good. I feel good today after a win. I hope we win every game. When you lose, it definitely stays with you for three or four days. Wins, you feel good for about an hour and then I am thinking about the next opponent. It’s just perspective, I guess. Because we have set a high bar, I expect us to play at a high level. I feel like I am a good player. I feel like I play with a lot of really good players. We have great coaches. We should play at a high level. When we don’t, that is probably the harder thing to deal with.”

Being a five-time Super Bowl champion, Brady has achieved so much on the field, but when asked what he’s most proud of, it had nothing to do with the game he loves so much.

“My kids. My great kids,” Brady said without hesitation. “That is probably the best thing I have done in my life besides marrying my wife. I am very blessed. I have three beautiful kids.”

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