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Bill Belichick explains why he's giving Patriots 2 straight days off this weekend

Ryan Hannable
August 11, 2017 - 7:43 pm

Following three practices with the Jaguars and Thursday's preseason game this week, the Patriots will have the next two days off over the weekend before practicing Monday morning, the final open practice of the summer.

The team will then depart for West Virginia as they will have joint practices with the Texans this coming week leading up to next Saturday's second preseason game.

It is somewhat unusual for Bill Belichick to give his team two straight days off this time of year, but he explained the reasoning on a conference call Friday afternoon.

"Well, I think we've had a pretty good stretch here from the start of training camp," Belichick said. "We've been in pads on all of the days that we've practiced other than the day before the Jacksonville game and the first two days of camp. We've had a lot of padded practices. We're going to take a couple of days here and give the players an opportunity to get their legs back under them, try to take care of some of the bumps and bruises and so forth that we've accumulated through camp.

"Monday we'll get some things that we need to get done accomplished as well as start to prepare a little bit for Houston there – a different style and type of offense, defense and kicking game than what we saw from Jacksonville, so just so we give our players a little bit of an introduction to that so that when they go down there we can have the most productive practice and experiences possible instead of wasting two days trying to figure out what they're doing. We'll try to, again, give that to the players a little bit on Monday so that we have some idea how we want to do certain things."

Belichick said this coming week with the Texans will be a little different than last week with the Jaguars.

"Bill [O'Brien] and I will probably work some details out," he said. "We definitely will work some details out before we get started. We've talked kind of in general terms and we have a general format but I'm sure there will be some specifics. This situation is a little bit different than most other ones that we do. We did this with Tampa Bay where we worked with them and then played a game against them early in the season, so a similar situation with Houston. It's a little bit different than practicing with a team that you don’t play or that you're just going to play in preseason and you’re not going to see them again during the regular season. This one’s a little bit different. Bill and I, we'll talk and we'll agree on a format.

"Again, the most important thing for us this week is to get better as a football team and to make improvements individually, make improvements collectively on our team that'll help us over the course of the season. It's not to try to just gain an edge on one particular opponent. The idea is to try to help our team over the long haul and evaluate our players. I’m sure that he has similar goals in mind. We'll find a way that we feel is mutually beneficial to be able to do that. I have a lot of confidence in our relationship and our ability to be able to put something together that will be productive, and at the same time not overly sensitive in terms of compromising the competition that we'll have early in the season."

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