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Fantasy Football: Who to start on championship weekend?

It’s a huge weekend for the Patriots and for all you Patriots fans, but it’s also the last weekend for organic play on DraftKings. Sure, they may dream up a game for Super Bowl week—probably joining it with the Pro Bowl again, but that’s a total waste of time unless you just want the action, and... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to start/sit in NFL divisional round?

Welcome to the Divisional Round! Of course, for you Patriots fans, this is sort of like round one, as first round byes and home playoff games are pretty much the norm around here. This is of one of those games where you can’t really win, you just want to get past it. That’s part of rooting for a... Read More

Fantasy football: Who to start on wild card weekend?

It’s Wildcard Week and all you Patriots fans may be looking for some fun, with your team getting its usual playoff bye. This week’s tournaments on DraftKings are tightly priced and that’s making lineup construction a genuine challenge. With only four games on tap, this will be a relatively quick... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to start in playoffs?

Every year I do a playoff pool article and every year I talk about the value of a high pick. This year is a bit different and for a few reasons. First of all, there are fewer big time quarterbacks playing. No Aaron Rodgers. No Russell Wilson. No Andrew Luck. Don’t get me wrong. For the most part,... Read More

Fantasy Football: Which Patriots should you start/sit vs. Jets?

Week 17 is upon us, and, as you would expect, we have some teams folding up their regular seasons tents a bit early. The teams to be careful with are the Rams, Steelers and Chiefs, but I am also leery about the Eagles and to some extent the Jaguars—even though the Jags are saying they will play... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to add on Week 17 waiver wire?

Welcome to Week 17! You are reading this, so some congratulations are in order. It’s been a long crazy injury-riddled fantasy football season. This is your week to soak it in and enjoy, but before you do that, make sure your team is fully loaded. I’ll endeavor to help with the recommendations below... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to start/sit vs. Bills?

It’s a big week for those of you still alive in seasonal leagues. Good luck in those bowl games! As always, if you are looking for help setting your lineup, feel free to hit me up on Twitter for a second opinion. You can also consult my free lineup rankings over at Below you will find... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to add on Week 16 waiver wire?

So you’re in the big game? Way to go! While most teams that survive this long are in great shape roster-wise, there’s still every reason to be thorough. The first thing you should do is assess your team. If you have an injury to a key player like Davante Adams (concussion), you may need to go get a... Read More

Fantasy Football: Which Patriots should you start/sit vs. Steelers?

Welcome to Week 15. Things are getting real in the NFL and in our fantasy leagues too. Good luck to all of you playing in semifinal matches this weekend. If any of you want a second opinion on some of your tougher lineup decisions, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Rotobahn. I’ll be online... Read More

Fantasy Football: Who to add on Week 15 waiver wire

Unless you play in one of those rube leagues where they still use Week 17 as championship week, congratulations! You have made the final four. While most of you probably have little in the way of roster needs, I’m here with some waiver wire targets just in case. And, it’s good to remember that your... Read More