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Tom Brady's training regimen is inspiring quarterbacks across NFL

Alex Reimer
August 18, 2017 - 3:12 pm

Tom Brady’s unorthodox training regimen has spread throughout the Patriots locker room. Nearly every player on the team visits Alex Guerrero for massage work and stretching, while Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman have become full-fledged devotees. Rob Gronkowski is a recent convert, hoping the TB12 pliability work can keep him on the field.

With a slew of products on the shelves, including a self-help book set to be released next month, it’s apparent Brady wants to preach the importance of his stringent methods to the masses. That’s what he’s been doing to various quarterbacks across the league, who are adopting portions of his routine.

“I’ve talked to a lot of different players,” Brady told the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin. “I think a lot of people ask me when you get to be my age. I feel like I know what to do. I don’t wake up with pain. I come out and play a game and keep working on things that I want to improve at every year, and it’s been a lot of fun for me.

Aaron Rodgers, who’s 33, went nearly all-vegan last year, eliminating dairy and most meats from his diet. Russell Wilson has avoided dairy and gluten, after suffering from ankle and knee injuries last year. 

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota may only be 23, but he’s also following in Brady’s footsteps. The 2015 No. 2 overall pick ignored the advice of his coaching this offseason, coming into training camp at a lighter playing weight than the recommended 230 pounds.

While there remain questions about some facets of Brady’s routine –– he adheres to the debunked acid alkaline diet, for example –– there’s little doubt about his results. Brady, 40, says he feels an obligation to share his wisdom.

“Hopefully I can share that with a lot of people. It’d be great to pass on that wisdom,” he explained to the Globe.”I feel that’s part of my responsibility as a player to do that to other players who may want to seek the same thing, so it’s been a really enjoyable part of my career.”

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