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What I’m about to say may sound crazy, but I’m already here, so why not: We’ve officially hit The Tim Thomas Point with Bruins netminder Anton Khudobin.

This goes beyond their similar-looking styles as undersized battlers willing to stop a puck with their beard if that’s what it’lll take...Read more

Remember at the end of September when it seemed like the sky was falling in New England with the Patriots following a 2-2 start and more specifically the poor play from the defense? 

Well, now at the end of November the Patriots have won six straight games and the defense is playing like...Read more

There seems to be a “stick to sports” double-standard. When black athletes kneel during the national anthem to protest racial inequality, they’re castigated for bringing their politics onto the field. Alleged fans threaten...Read more

Celtics guard Kyrie Irving celebrates with fans after beating the Warriors.

The biggest revelation in a Celtics season full of them? Kyrie Irving is better than we thought at pretty much everything.

Even if you loved the Irving trade when it was announced in August -- "Kyrie Irving is a mother-bleeping Celtic," I wrote, eschewing the journalistic misdemeanor known...Read more

Some people don’t understand how good Tom Brady is.

Yes, it’s hard to find someone now after five Super Bowls who believes he isn’t the greatest quarterback in the history of the game, but even with that acknowledgement, sometimes it isn’t enough for what Brady is doing at age 40.

...Read more

One of Jerry Jones’ central complaints against commissioner Roger Goodell is the NFL’s proclivity to move from controversy to controversy. The league is seemingly always caught up in a public relations disaster, whether it’s over pertinent matters like domestic violence or trivial nonsense such...Read more

Games in November do not matter. Steph Curry, playing through a thigh injury, ran into foul trouble way too early and could never find his groove in what finished as a 3-for-14 night from the field. The Warriors as a whole consistently found themselves on the wrong end of borderline calls. Al...Read more

There’s a conflict in Boston. That’s nothing new.

But it’s not just between the Celtics and Warriors at TD Garden on Thursday in what has emerged as the most anticipated regular-season game in recent NBA memory, or the Bruins and Kings on the other side of the country late Thursday night....Read more

Poor Jimmy G. When the Patriots shipped him to San Francisco last month, he reportedly couldn’t “get on the plane fast enough.” Since the 49ers are terrible, one could...Read more

The Patriots running backs are good. The Patriots running backs are really good.

One week it may be Mike Gillislee leading the way. The next it could be James White. It could also be Dion Lewis, or most recently Rex Burkhead. 

For the first time in the Bill Belichick era, the...Read more