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It was around maybe the third time the Falcons decided to go for it on fourth down Sunday -- by running a jet sweep on the goal line as part of Steve Sarkisian's not-really-catching-on sideways-only offense -- that the thought crystallized.

This was going to be another one of Those Games...Read more

WALTHAM -- Alex Cora has a pretty good idea what he's getting into. He played in Boston. He's hung around Boston. He has listened to everything that has gone in Boston from people who are knee-deep in working in Boston.

But when it comes to running a team in Boston, it never hurts to get a...Read more

As Tom Brady has become one of the most famous athletes in the world, he's sheltered almost his entire personal life from public view. He often comes across as a football cyborg, programmed to win Super Bowl championships and plug TB12 products. That is, except when he's with his family. 

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FOXBORO — There is no question Sunday’s 23-7 win over the Falcons was the Patriots’ most complete and best game of the season. 

The offense got its run game going for really the first time all year, finishing with a season-high 162 yards on the ground. The defense didn’t allow a 300-yard...Read more

The Bruins were an erratic mess in a 5-4 overtime loss to the Sabres on Saturday night, and were deserved losers after blowing a three-goal lead to a Buffalo team that played the night before and entered action with just four of a possible 16 points this season.

“We needed a big play,...Read more

LaVar Ball wants to make his son a superstar. Instead, he’s turned Lonzo Ball into a target. 

The eldest Ball boy’s NBA career is off to an underwhelming start, as he only scored three points in his debut Thursday. Clippers guard Patrick Beverley smothered Ball, holding him to 0-for-2 from...Read more

Jaylen Brown

Paul George is the first name that springs to mind when we discuss Gordon Hayward, and for obvious reasons. The Thunder forward represents the best-case scenario when it comes to gruesome ankle injuries. He made two All-Star teams before shattering his leg in 2014 with Team USA, and he has made...Read more

This was supposed to be the Red Sox, wasn't it?

The Yankees are one win away from becoming a real, live World Series team. One win away! How did this happen? At this time last year New York was a rebuilding shell of its former self, clinging to unproven and broken down starting pitchers...Read more

When you get beyond the drama of the fallout between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, which seems flatter than Earth after their postgame hug and conflict-free meeting on Tuesday, what you really had was a player (Irving) entering the prime of his career and wanting to be in a situation where he...Read more

FOXBORO — Get ready for a bunch of 28-3 jokes the rest of the week as well as numerous 28-3 flags and t-shirts in the Gillette Stadium parking lot Sunday night, but the reality is what happened in Super Bowl LI will have no bearing on what happens between the Patriots and Falcons this week....Read more